Order Chocolate truffle cake online in lucknow


If you love chocolate then this chocolate truffle cake is one of best chocolate cake you can ever have. order chocolate  truffle cake online in Lucknow at Adhitri Bakers. This layered cake has a very delicious and rich taste. Adhitri bakers provide the best  chocolate  truffle cake in Lucknow.  This chocolate  truffle cake is prepared with three layers of chocolate cream and with chocolate icing on the top. This cake is one of the best cakes to calm your sweet cravings. You can order this cake for any event or party. This round shaped chocolate  truffle cake is best for your loved ones. This cake is made from best quality batter and loaded with fresh chocolate. Order this tasty cake at adhitri bakers and enjoy.


Question: Can I get this cake by today evening?

Answer: Yes, you can get this cake at any time you want.

Question: Can I place my order in advance?

Answer: Yes, you can place your order in advance and same day delivery is also available.


Care Instructions:

  • Slice and serve the cake at room temperature and make sure it is not exposed to heat.
  • The cake should consume within 24 hours.
  • Fondant cakes should be stored in an air-conditioned environment.
  • Enjoy your cake!


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